On Tuesday students had the opportunity to put to the test their very own Rube Goldberg contraptions. These contraptions have been built, tested, tweaked and retested many times over the past few weeks, only at school. The aim was to pop a balloon in a rather complex fashion, using each of the six simple machines – lever, pulley, wedge, screw, wheel and axle and an inclined plane. I was very impressed by the individuality of each group’s contraption and how well the students worked as a team to make collaborative decisions. Although not all of their contraptions were successful on the day of testing, every group gave clear, detailed descriptions of their contraption and explained how each of the simple machines worked together to perform the task.It was a fantastic learning experience!

Part of the task required students to document the processes they went through to create their contraption. Students used the iMovie app to complete this part of the task. As each of these are completed we will upload them for viewing.

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