Here is a special blog post written by one of our class members who recently broke both of her wrists:

On Wednesday 10th October, the first week back at school, I was on the monkey bars and I fell off, landing with my hands in front of me. I was taken to the John Hunter Hospital by ambulance and even though I was in pain, I still felt excited riding in it. I had my arms xrayed and they discovered I had two broken wrists. The doctor put plaster casts on both of them.

The following Monday night, I went to Lingard Private Hospital to have them operated on. It was very scary going to theatre but it was fun having my own room with remote controlled bed and tv.

After three weeks of plaster, the specialist changed them over to plastic splints which were lighter and cooler. The things I didn’t like about the plaster were that I couldn’t swim and they were very itchy. When the splints were put on I could return to swimming training and that made me very happy.

On Friday, six weeks after my accident I had the splints removed. I was happy to have them off but also felt anxious as I had become so used to having them on. My wrists felt very weak without them on and I have to do exercises everyday to help build my strength back up.

Thank you to Ms Chaffey, my friends and all my class mates who helped me through that 6week period.

With plaster

With plastic splints

No casts!

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