This week we read the next chapter of The 13 Storey Treehouse. Andy and Terry embarked on their new novel, using Terry’s finger drawing and Andy’s ‘Once upom a time’ words and came up with a comic about a hero called Superfinger! We decided to make our own Superfinger heroes and comic strips.

First, we took a photo of our finger and then imported it into a drawing app. The most popular app to use was Hello Oil Painter. We added faces, capes, undies and everything else a superhero needs. Some of us even created villains!

Once we had our superhero created and saved, we had to find some images to use as settings for our comic strip. We searched on the internet for some images and some of us took photos of our surroundings. These images were saved into the iPads photo roll.

The next step was to import both the setting photo and the superhero image into the app, Superimpose (appropriate name right?). We placed our setting as the background, then imported the superhero as the foreground image. Then we used the mask and transform menus to remove any unwanted part of the foreground image and position our superhero. Once that was complete, we saved our image, once again, to the photo roll.

The final step was to open one of our comic strip makers, either Strip Designer or Comic Strip, and import our images into a 4 or 5 scene comic strip. We needed to create a comic with a distinct introduction to our superhero, a problem, a solution and a resolution for our narrative.

This task required many different skills and the students worked very hard on their comics. Some of them are still finishing, but here are a few of the completed projects. Click to see them in full size. What do you think of them?


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