New Year… New Blog…

Many of the students from 3/4C are now in 5/6C and would love you to come visit their new class blog by clicking here. Link is now fixed! 

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Merry Christmas!

As much as I look forward to Christmas and a lovely relaxing break, recharging the batteries for a new year, it is always sad to say farewell to your class.

I’d like to say a big thank you 3/4C for being a magnificient class, with such an enthusiasm for learning. I’ve loved how you’ve embraced all the new challenges presented to you and how you go above and beyond when completing many of your tasks. I am especially proud  of your ability to work both independently and also as a cooperative and collaborative team member. Your positive comments and encouragement for one other shows how kind and generous you all are.

I’d also like to say thank you to all the wonderful parents of the students of 3/4C for how you’ve supported your child/ren and the school this year. Thank you for making all those special days, like Harmony Day, sports carnivals, concerts, assemblies etc, extra special by being there when you can. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too!

So from 3/4C and myself, to everyone who has visisted our blog this year, we wish you a ripper Christmas and a snappy New Year!


We created these images on the iPad and then combined them with a QR code using the Visualead website to create these awesome interactive images! P.S Don;t forget to scan the code!

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Rube Goldberg Design Challenge

Final preparations are underway, with students testing and tweaking their contraptions today, ready for testing tomorrow.

The aim of the challenge is to use all six simple machines in a complex chain reaction to ultimately pop a balloon.

We will post videos of the final explanations and contraption tests shortly.

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Two Broken Wrists!

Here is a special blog post written by one of our class members who recently broke both of her wrists:

On Wednesday 10th October, the first week back at school, I was on the monkey bars and I fell off, landing with my hands in front of me. I was taken to the John Hunter Hospital by ambulance and even though I was in pain, I still felt excited riding in it. I had my arms xrayed and they discovered I had two broken wrists. The doctor put plaster casts on both of them.

The following Monday night, I went to Lingard Private Hospital to have them operated on. It was very scary going to theatre but it was fun having my own room with remote controlled bed and tv.

After three weeks of plaster, the specialist changed them over to plastic splints which were lighter and cooler. The things I didn’t like about the plaster were that I couldn’t swim and they were very itchy. When the splints were put on I could return to swimming training and that made me very happy.

On Friday, six weeks after my accident I had the splints removed. I was happy to have them off but also felt anxious as I had become so used to having them on. My wrists felt very weak without them on and I have to do exercises everyday to help build my strength back up.

Thank you to Ms Chaffey, my friends and all my class mates who helped me through that 6week period.

With plaster

With plastic splints

No casts!

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2012 Edublog Awards Nominations

Each year the Edublogs Awards are held to showcase fantastic blogs. This is our first year using Edublogs and also our first year of nominating. My nominations for the following categories are:

Best Class Blog:

Fabulous 5S – I’ve been following Mr Squires and his class for a number of years now. I always enjoy visiting his class blog to see all of the very interesting and varied activities the students are doing. I love all the different ways he presents the photos, videos and work samples.

Best Teacher Blog/ Best New Blog:

Mr Mac’s Blog-Thing – This blog belongs to a colleague of mine who has just started his blogging journey, hence the nomination for best new blog and best teacher blog. If you’re into games based learning and finding ways of effectively using one iPad to engage learners in deep learning opportunities, full of open ended challenges, then check out this blog! Keep checking back too as it is updated regularly with new ideas I’ve been inspired to try in my classroom.

Best Librarian Blog:

The Daring Librarian -  Another fabulous resource blog. Such a caring and sharing person is Gwyneth. I love her posters and haveshared many of them with my own colleagues.

Best Educational Wiki:

ICT Magic – I could get lost for days in this website. So many links, well set out and it is one that I use on a very regular basis. If I’m stuck for finding a website for a particular purpose I have in mind, this is always the first place I head to.

Best Free Web Tool:

Animoto – This one has been my favourite for a long time. So easy to use and with free education accounts, it allows all your students access. Creating videos to share photos, short video clips and work samples is so easy with this tool. Love it!

Best Mobile App:

Educreations – I’ve delivered several inservices and presentations on this app because I believe it is such a powerful tool to have access to in the classroom. It allows students to record thoughts, combined with images, drawings or photographs. It’s a fabulous assessment tool, as you can have students explain maths concepts and it makes their thought processes transparent. The website to manage your videos is also so easy to use.




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